18 november 2008

Going Down?

I've heard that women are more found of sex in exotic places. By that I do not mean during your holiday to some tropical paradise.

I believe that it's because women aren't as easy to please by just regular sex. I also believe that it's because men get more stimulation from just looking the sense of sight (like pornography).
Women prefer words which generates fantasies inside her mind.
For both men and women the mind is our most erogenous zone.

I've always dreamt of having sex in an elevator (and a train, a plane and a car).
Preferably in a shopping mall, when everyone's left and gone home.
I want walls of glass.
I want him to take me against that same wall, and from behind.
All while we ride up and down in that same elevator.
From there I can enjoy the whole world and t
hat's what I want.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Very hot! Love your writing. I've had some very intense fantasies of train sex too. And in a glass elevator? Wow....

I look forward to reading more of your writing.


A Girl sa...

Thank you!
I look forward to seeing you again :)