13 november 2008

He had the cutest ass I've ever seen.

...But then again he was a sportsman. He even competed for a quite major team although it's in a quite small sport.

This was a quite long time ago and what I remembered was that he had a black tee-shirt, He looked kinda Indie and lost. Indie is not my type but lost boys are.
We talked danced and ran from the club into a taxi holding hands. I was in a good mood.

He was a couple of years younger but lived on his own, during the days he worked at a restaurant.

I really let myself go wild.
After much time of agnst It was nice to adopt a new sexual identity. Take control.
I stayed on top most of the time.

I've got really found memorys of having sex with him. Mostly cause when we were done the bed had moved away from the wall, which he noticed as he got up to go to the bathroom.
"Oh my godness, look att thee bed... it's moved to the middle of the room!"
I laughed.
"This has never happened before!"

Eventually we had a nice shower together, I got to touch his wonderful ass. It really was the kind you'd want to bite.
And then I left, never to see him again.

For being a younger men (about 4-5 years) he knew what he was doing. He was secure.

I always know from having sex with someone wether they've had a longer relationship or not. You definetly can tell by their confidence and know-how, the small things.
And sexual experinece in that sense doesn't come from having sex with lots of different partners, no matter how often.
You can also tell if the guy your having sex with is inpired by porn or not. But I'll get back to that in another blog.
I'll also get back to my take on one night stands...