14 november 2008

Approaching a guy!

I was bored out of my senses.
Me and a couple of friends had gone out and some hours later they where hitting it off on the dance floor. While I wandered of looking around.
I wanted some excitement, so I made a secret bet with myself to approach a guy. Just cause I’ve never done it before.
My self-esteem was still not that high, and that's why I decided to challenge myself, that and the boredom… Who cares? I'm not gonna see any of these people again.

To be a girl you’re supposed to sit and wait for someone to start talking to you, and when some guys finaly approache you that's when you get to decide if you want to continue the interaction or not.
Chances are, you're just greatful that he's talking to you.
If you go out and no one talks to you it’s just as much of a disappointment for a girl as for a boy getting rejected once he starts talking to a girl.

Today I prefer making the first contact myself. I don’t what to be a victim to whichever idiot walking up to me, just because he’s chosen me out of all the cows.

But that night I felt very un-secure about striking up a conversation with a cute guy.

However, it was disappointingly easy.
I saw this guy. we made eye-contact. Standing around like fools. And then I walked up to him and said ”hi”.
From my experience that’s usually what it takes to get a man into bed.

Another sure thing that’ll get you the guy is to just walk up up to him and inform him that ”I’m leaving now, but before I go I just wanted to tell you that you’re the best-looking guy in the room”. It works every time.
Over the years I’ve tried it on most types of men. Not that I ended up having sex with them, but I definitely could have (one exception - the story's last in this post).
It’s so easy it’s not even a technique!

Anyway, back to the first guy I approached.
Eventually I took him back to my place.
He had a very small cock. Since he was a guy who was into the anal-thing I thanked my God for that.

I don’t like anal-sex and from what I know anal-sex is something that men enjoy more than women - because it stimulates their prostate.
That’s the reason that men enjoy doing number two more. Or why some men want you to put a finger up there. While at the same time too many men think it's sickening whenever gay men have anal-sex! Ain't that funny?
Today, no man would ever be able to stick his thing up my bum.

I had tried anal-sex before, cause my ex persuaded me to try it a couple of times.
Laying there with this guy as he started to act like he lost his map I thought ”ok, since it’s so small you might stick it there, otherwise - since neither you nor me are feeling a thing we’ll be here forever.” It was the only time I remotely enjoyed it.

In the morning I thought he’d never leave. I didn’t want his number. I felt great about picking him up and I advice every women who hasn’t picked up a guy to try it at least once. It works miracles for your self-esteem and makes you more beautiful than most other beauty-tips.

* It failed once, or maybe not, but the guy truly was the most beautiful specimen I ever did see. He shined.
I ended up beside him in the bar and actually became insecure. A feeling I don’t like.
So I told him that he was beautiful. And the strangest thing happened. He acted really surprised:
”Really, do you think so?” for some reason I got very shy. It might have been the fact that he really was that pretty, or the fact that he really seemed surprised and behaved so way of
the scale from what beautiful people usually do. As if he really didn’t know…
as I
remember it, we exchanged names, and I mumbled something about ”well… you truly are, and I just wanted to tell you, but now I have to get back to my friends”. He said: ”Oh! Well thank you once again.”
I love him for it!