09 december 2008

Mr Tuesday

As I write this I'm really tired, it's been a dreadful day.

Mr Tuesday:
He visited on Tuesdays. On and off for a year. He was older, short and shaved bald - about 2-3 inches shorter than me. The result was that when he was inside me he hardly reached my lips.

I used to leave the keys outside and then he'd just enter my apartment.
Sometimes I was already asleep when he crawled down beside me in bed. He'd be freezing, I'd be warm and soft.
He always smelled so damn good and I'd wondered how he managed to get away from his wife.
He probably had some excuse, something he told her about Tuesdays - a course or something. I was a part of his routine, which in the end made all the interesting and spontaneous sex we had seem very rehearsed.
But before that point we had fun, played with my toys and situations, looking back, I pretend to be far more relaxed, experimental and groovy than I really were.

- I've been thinking about this all day - looking forward to seeing you, thinking about all the things we'd do.

That's usually what he'd start of saying and I'd feel him being really tuned on as he pressed himself against me, looking for warmth, softly kissing my neckline.
And then he'd go down on me.

He took his time, knowing that oral sex with a woman is just as much an art as giving good head. First he'd go slow and gently and just because I grunt didn't mean I wanted him to give it harder or faster. Which he knew.
He continued doing what he was doing and eventually when he thought the time was right he gave it to me.
I had amazing orgasms - as if he'd put me out of my misery and finally just let me cum.

Another thing he did, that most men miss is: less is more - Never use all the tricks of your repertoire at the same time.
I believe lots of other ladies out there would agree.

Interestingly enough he was one of those guys who didn't enjoy receiving as much. Usually he'd just nail me after I'd cum. ("I want you!")

He had the longest lasting orgasms I've ever known for a man. A long moan followed by squirming and then he'd shake for a couple of minutes as it all wore off.

We'd lie in silence. In the dark.
Just before I'd fall asleep, he'd kiss me goodnight, leave and go home to his wife.

He never told me he had a wife. I figured it out on my own and I had trouble respecting him for it.