26 september 2008


We had sex for hours and hours and peaked during a sex-hour race.
I had a hard time walking after that incident. And truth is that it's not always great sex just because it goes on and on, after a couple of hours you honestly want to do something else or you're wondering what's wrong with me, why can't he orgasm?

Truth was that he had a fear-of-potential-consequences -from-having-sex (like children). There where incidents when he used double condoms just in case one would break and sometimes I had to comfort him after having sex. He was not religious, just cautious which results in other issues, he had a hard time with the cumming part.
I must have given him a 1000 heads and only got him to cum 3 times. At first I thought I was really bad, but it wasn't that. I tried everything.
In general I never thought I was a good lover who could satisfy my partner, which in return made me a worse lover cause much of the sex we had was aimed at making him comfortable. It seldom was about my pleasure, something I couldn't grasp. However he did and eventually he bought me *toys" and said that I could use them for any sexual-exploration of myself that I wanted to try.
Eventually I got to like them but they where also a symptom of his growing fascination for pornography and sex in the sense of SEX not making love - he wanted to use them to spice up things. While I still hadn't gotten around to knowing what I even liked about the horizontal tango. I still did what I did sexually to satisfy him and it would take me years until I even started to closed in on that knowledge.