01 oktober 2008

The rabbit

At this point I thought I'd got the hang of the sex-thing. I had sex with my boyfriend once a week to keep him from getting all grumpy on me. Although sometimes I felt hollow about compromising myself, I never had sex because I really wanted to, I let myself get persuaded into it, or not. .
In the end it didn't make anyone happy.

It was one thing that He liked me, but that someone else would be turned on by me was another thing. I had a hard time dealing with it and at the same time it was fascinating. Which led me to being seduced by "the rabbit":
He had a large body, tall and used to brag about the enormous size of his dick. Or rather... he used to say that most guys used gadgets and stuff to compensate for a lack of size, but he didn't need or have to...
That was the first time I learned that as soon as a guy says something about having a package on forehand it automatically means that he has a small one. (it has been proven to me over and over during the years.)
I was actually surprised when I had sex with him about not feeling anything at all, while he was going on and on in a hysterical phase. I felt disconnected.
Afterwards said that it was great. It made me really confused and we only had sex once.