20 november 2008

Sock it to me…

I said: ”We haven’t had sex in the bathroom yet!”
He said: "That's very true!"

Minutes afterwards I leaned over the sink as he pushed his cock deep inside of me.
I looked up and saw us in the mirror. It was a great turn on.
I hardly thought it was me. It was like watching a movie - I saw someone who looked exactly like me, having sex and a good time in a bathroom.

In the mirror I met his eyes, they smiled. And then he looked at the both of us in the mirror. I guess he felt the same. He pushed harder and deeper.

He was a friend of a friend. (also a friend of my ex. which complicated things later on.)
Somehow I thought that was a thumbs up. That he wasn’t an asshole.
We met them on a cruise and I used to go to the same school as this guy. he and his friends were on a bachelor-party.

Rule: When it comes to bachelor-parties, feel free to let them buy you drinks and party on. Never do anything more.

I ended up talking to his cute friend. We had a couple of mutual friends and common grounds. (He worked as an AD and designed the logo for one food-chains in town and sometimes when I pass them by I think of him... and laugh.)

Eventually we ended up at his cabinet.
I was running away from a nasty ex-situation and although I hadn’t formulated it for myself. I just needed to get away, get appreciated, and forget all about things at home.
I got a little more than I bargained for. A nicely shaped cock, sized above average.
We fucked for quite some time, took a break, strolled around and then went back for the infamous bathroom scene (above).

In the morning I left in a hurry. I very ashamed of what I had done. Guilt.
A couple of hours later i realised I lost my stocking. I hadn’t by purpose. But since I wanted to ex-change phone-numbers, and give it some more dignity we went back for my stocking. Actually they were a couple of newly-bought stay-ups, I found it and still keep them.

The same guilt I felt a couple of hours before I recognised in him, when the boys and the girls met up for drinks. Everything was aquard.
If it’d been today, I’d know it was because he had a girlfriend at home. And then there was the link between the friend and my ex-boyfriend… shit!

”Did you have a good night?” asked the bachelor (no 1, who also had a fling with my girlfriend).
I kept a brave face and said ”Ask the AD”.
”Yeah I know he had a great time, I just wanted to ask you how you felt!”

The same evening back in the city-lights we met up with the same boys.
Mostly since my friend liked my old friend, I’d been alright without it, but I saw an opertunity to settle the score with my old friend.
He said: ”Oh. You know you needn’t worry I’m not gonna tell X what happened”.
I said: "It alright, we're not together anymore so..." and it felt really good to say it out loud.

Somewhere during the night I also put two and two together and told The Stocking (nickname) that I knew he had a girlfriend, I just said it.
I also told him to go home to her instead.
By doing so I saved his ass from feelings of guilt towards me. I also saved my own.

More lessons:
I learned not to have sex with friends friends.
I also learned the importance of finding out weather a guy is occupied or not before hand (I do not get involved with men who are occupied, that’s a firm rule, it just messy and not nice towards anyone!)

Half a year later I met him on the bus. I smiled and we chatted.
A couple of months later I learned that he’d broken of with his girlfriend and got together with an old classmate of mine. I think that’s hilarious. I also take some credit, judging from his guilt-trip I think it woke him up.

The funnies thing was at this jazz-festival when I met the two of them together and he said ”Hi!” but she didn’t. She really must have wondered how me and the Stocking knew each other.
Since then I’ve also met them on the bus together and talk to them both, as if they’re old friends. It gives me dignity.

p.s. At the same time, one of her co-workers is a close friend of mine. This summer I met with her at a barbecue-party. We get along fine.

An Orgasm... For Me?

Place: My bed
Partner: Punk-style, kind and sensitive
Size: Smaller than average but he could go for hours!
Position: Me on top.

I rode him and as I looked down it dawned on me that I really didn't care for him in any other way besides sex.
I loved the sex we where having right there but it puzzled me. He wasn't big, didn't do any amazing tricks, hell, he wasn’t even an exceptional kisser.
I guess that's what made me orgasm at last. (I deserved it.)

The trick is to not mind the guy. usually they want another paste from females and if you can make him more sensitive towards adapting and following you, the more personal pleasure you'll get. That's what I did.

As I slowly worked his cock he started hitting my spot.
I continued feeling a tingling sensation which reminded me of getting clitoris-orgasms. But it was inside me, more extended and more intense.
I worked myself up to orgasm and I was afraid to loose it all the way there.

I think he was really surprised by my sudden behaviour.
"Did you cum?"
I could honestly say: Yes I did.

I didn't care the slightest about him but he had big plans and a small crush on me.
I had sex with him one time after that and felt that he wanted to get serious. I cut the calls short and less often. Although I'll cherish him forever for being one of two guys who ever gave me a real orgasm.

It's not a myth that females fake orgasms.
Interestingly when I talked about my experience with my girlfriends they didn't recognise anything about how it felt. And I acted like I just found Jesus (but without a bible).
Conclusion: None of my girlfriends have had vaginal orgasms. All of my grilfriends boyfriends believe they've given their girlfriend orgasms at some point.

Men want to think they know/feel when a woman cums.
The whole relationship of women wanting to please men - growing up thinking that our sexuality is bad and not worth exploring. And if you do explore, you're obviously a slutt!
No wonder it's hard for either sex to know how women should/could be pleased. I still have problems with it.

However... I do have tricks for getting a man to think I cum. Now days I don't fake it casue I want to make him feel secure about what he's doing. I fake because I think it's time... (there isn't a thing about sex that gives me more pleasure than when he cums, it makes me feel sexy and happy)

At the same time there's a excellent rule that everyone's responsible for their own orgasm.