20 november 2008

An Orgasm... For Me?

Place: My bed
Partner: Punk-style, kind and sensitive
Size: Smaller than average but he could go for hours!
Position: Me on top.

I rode him and as I looked down it dawned on me that I really didn't care for him in any other way besides sex.
I loved the sex we where having right there but it puzzled me. He wasn't big, didn't do any amazing tricks, hell, he wasn’t even an exceptional kisser.
I guess that's what made me orgasm at last. (I deserved it.)

The trick is to not mind the guy. usually they want another paste from females and if you can make him more sensitive towards adapting and following you, the more personal pleasure you'll get. That's what I did.

As I slowly worked his cock he started hitting my spot.
I continued feeling a tingling sensation which reminded me of getting clitoris-orgasms. But it was inside me, more extended and more intense.
I worked myself up to orgasm and I was afraid to loose it all the way there.

I think he was really surprised by my sudden behaviour.
"Did you cum?"
I could honestly say: Yes I did.

I didn't care the slightest about him but he had big plans and a small crush on me.
I had sex with him one time after that and felt that he wanted to get serious. I cut the calls short and less often. Although I'll cherish him forever for being one of two guys who ever gave me a real orgasm.

It's not a myth that females fake orgasms.
Interestingly when I talked about my experience with my girlfriends they didn't recognise anything about how it felt. And I acted like I just found Jesus (but without a bible).
Conclusion: None of my girlfriends have had vaginal orgasms. All of my grilfriends boyfriends believe they've given their girlfriend orgasms at some point.

Men want to think they know/feel when a woman cums.
The whole relationship of women wanting to please men - growing up thinking that our sexuality is bad and not worth exploring. And if you do explore, you're obviously a slutt!
No wonder it's hard for either sex to know how women should/could be pleased. I still have problems with it.

However... I do have tricks for getting a man to think I cum. Now days I don't fake it casue I want to make him feel secure about what he's doing. I fake because I think it's time... (there isn't a thing about sex that gives me more pleasure than when he cums, it makes me feel sexy and happy)

At the same time there's a excellent rule that everyone's responsible for their own orgasm.

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José sa...


I'll give my personal opinion, not wanting to say that I'm right or wrong.
I guess that people sometimes see too much porn (not that I'm against that) and rely too much on what they see and want to be like them instead of bringing up the good things they that have.
I guess that everyone agrees with me when I say that it's more logical for the man to achieve orgasm, for that's the way to procriate and the main reason of sex is procriation - of course that the most times we make sex is not to procriate, but you know what I mean.
As for the female orgasm, I don't see any point on a woman faking one. Unless she wants the encounter to end soon .
Of course that although there are common signals of a woman's orgasm, they're more visible or tantable (is this the right word?) in some women than others, namely a smaller or bigger discharge.
Anyway, I think it's more honest and contributes to a better relation not to fake an orgasm.
Sex is about two people (or more :-) ) being together, having a good time and respecting each other.

Take care,


P.S. It seems to me that women more easily achive an orgasm through clit and vulva than penetration, although the last one may be more intense (?). Good preliminars help alot, I think.
Heck ! I'm talking too much and probably making a fool of myself :-)
Gonna stop now.