17 november 2008

Erotic moments

Internet-dating. I wasn't a big fan. I've never been. But this is the story about the exception to the rule.

This guy wrote me and it was the beginning of mail upon mails going back and forth. They were the joy of my day.
I didn't think of it as flirting. He lived far away as a student. Months went by. Eventually his semester ended and he went back here, to his hometown to work during the summer.
By then we'd grown pretty found and curious about each other. We decided to meet up. Win or loose.

One strange thing when I think about it now is that up until the day before we didn't have the slightest clue about what the other person looked like. Since we weren't flirting.

I imagined a kinda boring-looking fellow. I was really surprised to get a bright red headed (coloured) guy in T-shirt and jeans, a few pounds to much, a package full of charm.
Very soft and mellow. Thoughtful and smart.

We had a lovely date, walked around town, had coffee and talked.
As we walked by the sea-side it started pouring down and we hid under a tree. We stood close and felt overwhelmed.

By the end of the date, he got shy as he said that he'd like to do it again someday. I just nodded, to shy to move or breathe. We hugged.

The next day there was this sports game.
I went to a bar to watch it with a couple of friends, when he texted me and thanked me for yesterday. It was Friday and he asked me what I was up to? I invited him to join us which he and his friends did.

He stood by the bar as I happily walked over. Hardly knowing what to say. So I just grabbed him by his hand and took him somewhere were we could sit down to talk.
"Did you know I had a pulse of 170 when I met you yesterday?"
I thought it was weird to count ones pulse, and wondered how. I also knew the feeling. I just wanted to be close to him.

And then he did what I regard as one of the most tender and soft things anyone's ever done to me.
Gently he took my hands in his and softly kissed my arms.
It blew me away.
We sat there snogging for hours, talking and then we walked all the way back to my place. Making stops to make out and feel each other more.

We got home early in the morning.
I sat on the floor while trying to pick some nice music and he just got behind me, held me, kissed me (eventually killed me).

We laid naked.
Feeling. Touching. Tasting.

He loved when I scratched him hard on his balls. Very hard. Nails and moaning. I felt excited from brining him pleasure and then I wanted him to please me.

If you get inside me it will calm me down - (I'm going to die)
If you come inside me I will never get enough - (I am going to die)

"I don't know what to say..."
We lied naked in the bed holding on to each other. Birds outside and he continued:
"I think that was the most erotic moment I've ever experienced."

In amazement we feel asleep.

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