02 december 2008

I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It

We stood on the back of the porch when I kissed her. Her lips where soft and wet, I pulled her close and we tounged like we've been starving for kisses for years and years.

I met her at this party, in a remote suburb. I was invited by this guy who had (and still has this hang-up on me). I was looking for a party and thought what the heck... Interestingly enough he has a thing about homosexuals. He thinks it's un-natural. While I have lots of lesbian friends and and think it's just as natural as some people who like cars and others who don't.
I constantly called him on it. What's weird was thay she and him actually enjoyed eachothers comapny and where friends. They talked about how stupid girls could be etc.

She was cute, in a guy-ish way. But she wasn't a butch. She was cute and I enjoyed her spunk. She spoke her mind while still being open to the fact that there are all kinds of people. I think that's one of the sexiest things ever, no matter the gender.
I'm a bit like that myself and while all other females at that party where girlie-girls, we three strongly opionated people discussed things back and forth during the night. The way things developed was that the two of them actually fought for my attention and affection.

After a couple of hours I felt like jumping into the pool. I got undressed and only kept my panties on. Perhaps it was a test to see who was going to jump in there with me.
She did.
While this guy was just standing around. missing out.

It was when I decided to leave, cause I had enough of partying for one night when she ran after me.
She said that she really wanted me to stay. I was dead set on leaving and she looked at me with her big sensitive eyes and that's when I just felt like kissing her. So I approached her, grabbes her neck and waist and kissed her.
Then I said that I really liked her but told her I really had to go.
And then I left.

I do not think that I'm a 100% straight. I know for a fact that sometimes I get really infectuated by some women. But I've never been in love with a woman.
Sometimes I wonder if that's cause that's the way I was raised - that I'm blocking all those feelings away. And that's just me being healthy and questioning myself.
I am not gay because I've never met a woman who I wanted to have as my own. As I have with men.
Still I'm not imune to sexy females. Femalse who I find sexy. Interestingly enough they are not the same type as what's generally reguarded as sexy - by men. I like intelligent, confident, strong and playful women, actually the same things that I like about men.

I've spent nights out on clubs just dancing the night away with some woman I don't know who's blown me away and just sparkles from enjoying to be herself. To express herself and have a good time.
That's just always so damn attractive.

If there's a man out there with the same traits I'd be happy to get your number.
Most men are just too busy with positionating them selves in reguard to other men or other women.
Posing is just so damn dull.

Other girls I'd like to kiss are Chloë, Gwen and Kate:

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