24 november 2008


I was strolling home late one night/early morning. I heard steps behind me, closing in, I got scared and slowed down so that who-ever was behind me could pass me by.
Instead he joined me.
"Can I bum a smoke?"
He was a cute guy, very cute. And young. 18 years old.
He told me he was on his way home after celebrating his birthday. And home was a couple of buildings away from me. We had the entire walk home together.
I think we mostly talked about life. I asked about his plans and probably seemed worthily. I could sense tension building up, but thought that he was way too young.

As we closed in on his house we realised that we didn't want to split. Instead I invited him for the Jacuzzi. Just for the fun of it. We laughed, it was early in the morning.
He had a really nice body - by traditional standards. six-pack and everything. He told me he went to a circus-school, that's why...

We slipped into the water and just sat around talking. I didn't have any intentions of anything more. Just some neighbourly companionship. We sat there talking. Eventually we started talking about relationships. True enough he had a girlfriend. True enough he suddenly dared to pull me close and kissed me.
It was a great kiss, he had the softest lips, warmest tongue and I just loved carefully sucking, nibbling and tasting everything about his mouth.

When the kiss was done I pulled away, I wanted him, but I resisted.
He had told me that he had a girlfriend and I decided to be the responsible adult. I told him "I should get some sleep."
He still slept beside me that night. But all we did was sleep.

In the morning we exchanged numbers and we texted each other from time to time. But it would take us about a year before we met again. This time we had passionate sex at my place. I had a well-shaped cock, bigger than I imagined and after all those great kisses I went down on him in much the same way.
It was a mixed emotion - having sex with something that young and innocent. I mean he wasn’t a virgin, not by far. But when I looked up at him he had the face of an angel. Only that this angel had an erection and wanted to eventually fuck me...
Eventually he did.

We met one more time at his place.
I guess we also tried having a regular talk, but soon realised that we didn't have all that much to talk about... We both let it slip away after that.

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Anonym sa...

Might should have kept him around as a fwb!